Warner Bros. Pictures Releases Tomb Raider Trailer #2

Every legend has a beginning.

Tomb Raider Trailer #2

The video game Tomb Raider and it’s heroine Lara Croft have been around for twenty years. Over the years there has been countless video games and multible films. Five years ago Crystal Dynamics released a video game titled Tomb Raider. Its story line focused on a younger Lara Croft who was just entering into her tomb raiding career. The upcoming film will be based on  that game.

The films plot centers around Lara Croft, the young independent daughter of an adventurer who vanished when she was barely a teenager. She becomes driven to solve the mysterious puzzle of her fathers untimely death. Lara becomes determined to forge her own path in history. She leaves everything behind as she sets out on an adventure of a lifetime. The upcoming film will star Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Walton Goggins, and Daniel Wu. Tomb Raider will be available in theaters on March 16, 2018. For more you can visit warnerbros.com.

Tomb Raider

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