Figurama Collectors Release a Teaser of Tokyo Ghoul Figure

Tokyo Ghoul Figure

Figurama Collectors welcomes Tokyo Ghoul.

Teaser of Tokyo Ghoul Figure

Figurama Collectors has quickly established a great reputation for delivering well crafted collectible figures. They first brought Walter Simonson’s Ragnarok Thor to collectors everywhere. Then came the Devilman vs. Amon figure followed by an amazing Trigun Vash figure. They have been rapidly acquiring licensing for some very popular titles. The newest addition to their licensing is the popular and beloved Tokyo Ghoul.

It appears that Figurama Collectors first Tokyo Ghoul figure will be Ken Kaneki. Will he be standing alone or with someone else in this dynamic diorama? If the answer is yes, then who could the other ghoul be? Could it be Ken’s ghoulish wife Touka Kirishima, someone else, or will it just be Ken? Stay tuned to for more information and new details on the Tokyo Ghoul figure from Figurama Collectors.

Tokyo Ghoul Figure

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