Disney Releases The Incredibles 2 Sneak Peek During Winter Olympics

It is back to work for The Incredibles!

The Incredibles 2 Sneak Peek

Disney Pixar chose to release the latest sneak Peek of The Incredibles 2 during the Winter Olympics. The trailer gave a glimpse into the life of a super hero family. Elastigirl has been called back into the line of service as a super hero. While she is busy saving the world, Mr. Incredible is responsible for taking care of the children and the home. Things seem pretty mundane in the Incredibles house. That is until they discover that baby Jack-Jack has super powers as well.

In the meantime, there is a new villain named The Underminer in town with a sinister plot. It is up to the Incredibles, Frozone, and a new super hero named Voyd to save the world. The Incredibles 2 has an all star cast including, Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson, Catherine Keener, Sophia Bush and John Ratzenberger. The Incredibles 2 theater release date is June 15, 2018. For more you can visit movies.disney.com.

The Incredibles 2

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