Watch the Stranger Things 2 Final Trailer Here

“These aren’t nightmares. It’s happening.”

Stranger Things 2 Second and Final Trailer

After the first Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic Con, Netflix has released the second and final trailer for Stranger Things 2. The series gained instant popularity upon it’s release in 2016. With its intriguing story line and likable characters, it is easy to see why. When the first season ended, the police chief Jim Hopper was leaving Eggos in a container in the woods. While no one knew if Eleven was safe, that gesture made viewers speculate her whereabouts. The Stranger Things 2 final trailer starts off with Eleven opening the container and taking the Eggos.

The next scene shows a few trick-or-treaters in front of a Mikes house. Mike is talking and he says that on Halloween Will saw a “sort of shadow.” He says that maybe everything that has taken place has happened for a reason. Following that statement comes a scene where Hopper tells Joyce that everything leads back to what took place at the laboratory. There are then several scenes where Will seems paralyzed in one realm, and terrified in another. It appears that he can travel between the Upside Down and the normal realm in his mind. No one knows exactly what is happening to him and Mike tells Will that he doesn’t understand, but Eleven would. The next scene shows Eleven running through the woods and then entering a house.

While she doesn’t appear to have reunited with her friends just yet, she does seem to be on a mission of her own. In the meantime, chaos is ensuing in Hawkins and a beast from the Upside Down has grown to gigantic proportions. Caleb tells his friends that they need as much help as they can get to overcome Judgement Day. While many of the cast members are returning for the second season, it appears there are a few new faces in the show. All episodes of Stranger Things 2 will be available to stream on Netflix on October 27, 2017, so be prepared to binge watch.Stranger Things 2

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