Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

The highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II trailer was revealed at this years Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Star Wars Celebration is a four day long Star Wars convention held in Orlando, Florida. This year the event has received a lot of hype. Among some of the exciting news revealed at the event was the Star Wars Battlefront II trailer. The trailer shows the prequels, the original trilogy, and the new era collide in a fantastic fashion. Yoda, Luke Skywaker, Rey, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren made appearances in the trailer. The release of the trailer also meant an update about the videogame on

Various Forms of Gameplay in Star Wars Battlefront II

The game is the sequel to the videogame Star Wars Battlefront that was released in 2015 and is developed by EA Dice and will be produced by Electronic Arts. It seems that the developers put extra effort into the story in the single player mode. Players will play as Iden Versio, the commander of Inferno Squad. After witnessing the destruction of the Death Star, she vows to seek revenge on those who opposed the Emperor.

In the expanded multiplayer players can join up to forty players in massive fights in authentic locations across all eras. You can revel in deep class based online gameplay, pilot a variety of land and air vehicles, and control iconic characters and use their distinct abilities to help turn the tide of the battle. There will be space battles of epic proportion. Players can weave between asteroids, fly across Imperial Dock Yards, and take down huge capital ships. You can pilot crafts such as the Millennium Falcon or Luke Skywalker’s X-wing in exciting fights with up to twenty four players.

Players can triumph together with the split-screen co op. You can team up with a friend and play offline. Players can earn rewards, customize troopers and heroes, and then take their skills and upgrades to the online battlefield. Players can choose to play as a character from every era of Star Wars. They can play as or against some of Star Wars most cherished heroes or feared villains. You can tailor unique abilities for each trooper, hero, and starfighter to gain the upper hand in battle with the games diverse and powerful progression system.

Star Wars Battlefront II Release Date

Star Wars Battlefront II release date is November 17, 2017 and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Star Wars Battlefront II

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