Interview with Star Angel Series Author David G. McDaniel

Interview with the Star Angel Series Author David G. McDaniel

 Interview with Star Angel Series Author David G. McDaniel

Last month had the opportunity to cover MegaCon Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida. The successful event had many cosplayers, artists, authors, publishers, popular guest stars and vendors. While we were there we were able to meet a few of the talented authors and schedule several interviews. One of the authors that we had the pleasure to meet and interview was the Star Angel Series author David G. McDaniel. The Florida native and has written all five books in the Star Angel series and has a few other exciting projects in the works. It was very nice to learn more about David G. McDaniel and his Star Angel Series. We hope that you enjoy the following interview. (C.C): When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

David G. McDaniel (D.G.M): As a wee lad of about 14. It started when I began gaming. Back then gaming was pen and paper, unless you had an Atari. Running role playing games involved the creation of worlds, characters, beasties and all else. Writing stories was a natural evolution of that, and my first little tales were actually the re-telling of adventures we’d played. I guess that made me a sort of 1980’s bard.

C.C: How did you get your idea for the Star Angel Series?

D.G.M: Interestingly, from a dream. Nothing exactly like the eventual story, and certainly not very coherent (what dream ever is?), but the elements were there and they led to what eventually became Star Angel. In fact, the dream sequence in Book One: Awakening is taken almost exactly from one part of the dream. Which then ties in to dreams that the main character, Jessica, has off and on in subsequent books. Which of course, ties together the overall arc of the story and her journey toward self discovery.

C.C: You have completed five books in the Star Angel series. How long have you been working on this series?

D.G.M: I began Book One in 2009, and finished the first draft of Book Five in 2014. At that point they kind of sat around. A year ago I released Book One, and Book Five will be out at the end of the month.

C.C: The main character for Star Angel is known as Jess, and she appears to be a spectacular heroine. What inspired her role in your novels?

D.G.M: Thank you! I think, especially in modern times, we’re coming more and more to love the unlikely hero. Jess epitomizes this, and she probably couldn’t be more average when the story begins. I think this makes it all the more exciting as she evolves and becomes that hero. As it says on the Team Star Angel site, she “…rises to eclipse every magic-wielding fantasy princess and dystopian revolutionary out there, no matter how boss. By the end Jess is bringing it like a bomb – and we love her for it, more than we would have ever thought possible.

C.C: She seems to be a very humble, brave and strong young woman. Have any of your readers ever shared stories of how your character Jess has influenced their lives?

D.G.M: Only a few. But then, I’m just getting started. I hope to have much more in the future! This is a great question, because that really is one of my intentions; that Jessica, in taking the next step and in doing the right thing, even when it seems impossible, might set an example for others. Even though she’s fictional, and this is a story meant for entertainment not lessons, I hope some of what she does will inspire.

C.C: There is another hero in Star Angel named Zac. Can you share a little about his characteristics?

D.G.M: Zac is a man (boy; he’s about 18 or 19) looking for purpose. More than Jess at the beginning of the series he feels he’s on the cusp of something epic, but has no idea where he fits. Zac is what’s known as a Kazerai, or a super-powered soldier. On his world there are only 5 in existence at any one time. Jess is from earth, Zac is from another world. From the moment they meet they both have the sense that their connection might be far more than it appears.

C.C: Can you tell us a little about “Team Star Angel?”

D.G.M: Within the books there’s a theme at work. One we could adopt in our own lives. Team Star Angel is about making it better. It’s an approach, maybe even an ideal, modeled on the action in the story. Jessica is an average girl in an average town who, when challenged, rises above her fears, not only to survive but to unite worlds.

I believe each of us have that spirit within us.

The mission of Team Star Angel is to encourage an environment of prosperity through intention, starting with our own lives and spreading a positive force into the world. In short, the mission of the Team is to make it better.

Note there is no official membership. It’s more of an ideal, a way to treat others well and make the world a better place.

C.C: What have been some of your major influences as you wrote the Star Angel series?

D.G.M: I love Frank Hubert (Dune). Though Star Angel is more of a YA book, I draw a lot of my inspiration from his depth of world building and history mapping.

Beyond that there are many influences. great and small. Music can play a huge part in inspiration. There are so many sci-fi and fantasy stories out there now, in all forms, from books to comic books to graphic novels to movies… I love it, all of it, and I’m so excited by the sheer volume of incredible imaginations we get the opportunity to experience. That entire atmosphere feeds into the overall, and has certainly played a part in the creation of Star Angel.

C.C: Where can your readers purchase your books?

D.G.M: Right now for Star Angel, only on I’m looking at other outlets. Also, I want to do audible versions. A lot of people like to listen to books.

C.C: Do you have any other projects on the horizon ?

D.G.M: Yes! I’m revamping a prior series called Saga of Ages, which will begin releasing in the summer of 2018. I’m also working on other books in the Star Angel Universe. These five Star Angel books that are available now are a pentalogy and a complete set. However, there are stories yet to tell with these characters, so that will be coming soon. I’ve already started working on them.

C.C: Is there anything else that you would like to say to your readers?

D.G.M: Keep creating! I believe we all have at least one good story in us. Make sure you tell yours. would like to thank the Star Angel series author David G. McDaniel for sharing some of his valuable time. We wish him the very best in all of his current and future endeavors.

Interview with the Star Angel Series Author David G. McDaniel

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