Blizzard Releases Overwatch Animated Short “Honor and Glory”

Explore the origin story of Reinhardt.

Overwatch Animated Short “Honor and Glory”

Overwatch is one of the most popular online first person shooter games. Following its release in 2016, the game became an instant success. There are many different characters within the game. They each have their own personal story and background. Blizzard Entertainment has released several animated shorts related to the games characters, including The Last Bastion and Rise and Shine. They have just released their latest Overwatch Animated Short “Honor and Glory”.

This animated short tells the emotional origin story of the rocket-hammer wielding knight, Reinhardt. In the short film, Reinhardt receives a message from Winston. Although the message may not have been meant for him, he feels as though it was. He relives some painful memories from his past. He was so busy enjoying the “honor and glory” of the fight that he almost lost his life. His team mate that was about to join Overwatch receives a life threatening injury while saving his life.

Before his friend passes away, he tells Reinhardt to “live with honor and to die with glory.” His friend uses the last of his strength to save Reinhardt’s life. At the conclusion of the short film, Reinhardt states that he has been called, and he must always answer. He then walks away from his friends armor and towards a future with Overwatch.

Overwatch Animated Short "Honor and Glory"

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