METROCON 2017 Post Event Information


Unfortunately, our photographer only made it on Thursday.

METROCON 2017 Post Event Information

Unfortunately, our photographer was only able to attend METROCON 2017 on Thursday since he got sick Thursday night/Friday morning and was not in a condition to interact with METROCON guests for the rest of the event. We can not do METROCON the disservice of publishing photos from Thursday only as “METROCON event coverage” so we will not be publishing them in a gallery as we normally do after events. If you posed for us on Thursday at METROCON 2017, have no worries, we will email each one of you your photo(s) if you would like us to. If you would like us to email you your photo(s) from the Thursday of METROCON, please do the following:

– Send us a message using the CONTACT tab in the menu bar at the top of our site.
– Enter your name, correct email address, information for us to know which picture to send you. Things like what cosplay you were wearing or what booth you were at. A link to your Instagram or any other social network would be helpful as well. (Ours is @comic_coverage but please don’t DM us, use the CONTACT tab above). Enter “1” as the answer to the anti-spam question.
*Note* Be sure to check your “spam folder” if you don’t see a reply from us since sometimes our emails go to spam since we are a web site.

Thanks to METROCON for having us and thanks to everyone who posed for us on Thursday! Sorry about the inconvenience and hope to see you at the next one!

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