Maria Von T

Pinup Girl Captain America Cosplay met up with Maria Von T for an interview and photo shoot in her “Pin Up First Avenger Bucky Rescue Mission Lady Captain America” cosplay.

Maria Von T

When we first saw that Maria Von T completed her WWII Pin Up First Avenger Bucky Rescue Mission Lady Captain America cosplay in a selfie she posted on her Instagram (link), we knew we wanted to set up a photo shoot and interview with her for a feature on We thought it looked great from the little we could see on Instagram, but we had no idea it looked as good as it did, until she showed up to the shoot. We were lucky enough to interview and photograph her in her Pin-up Captain America cosplay before she wore it to any convention. We hope you enjoy the interview and photos of Maria Von T in her WWII Pin Up First Avenger Bucky Rescue Mission Lady Captain America” cosplay below. (CC): What appealed to you about the WWII Pin Up First Avenger Bucky Rescue Mission Lady Captain America” cosplay that made you want to start and complete it?
Maria Von T (Maria): First of all, thank you so much for shooting it. This is definitely a cosplay I wanted to shoot professionally. This cosplay begins with two things I truly love: Pin Up and Captain America. I live for the vintage glamour of the 1940’s and have a big chunk of my comic book collection dedicated to Captain America. It was a bit of a challenge to think of how I wanted to do a cosplay of The First Avenger since the character is so dear to me and there are so many styles and versions of him. Any comic book buff knows Captain America emerged in 1941 when Pin Up girls were extremely popular, so there was my answer, a Pin Up cosplay of Captain America.

CC: What were some of the things you had to acquire, make, or modify to complete it?
Maria: Thanks to my Pin Up and Captain America knowledge, I knew exactly what I needed and how to get it. Since most clothing makers do not produce things with Captain America in mind, I needed to paint or alter almost everything including painting the boots red, the belt brown, and dying the top blue. I began with the corset and to my surprise, finding a red and white corset was rather difficult. I bought a real steal boned corset in white and painted the red panels. It turned out perfect and I can count on it to perfectly hold up my retro blue seamed stockings, which I feel gives the whole cosplay its finishing touch. I even got a set of movie replica dog tags. One has Steve’s info and the other has Bucky’s. I thought it would be a cute touch. Next was probably the most important and most fun: the shield. I bought a wooden heater shield online. It was too big so with help I reshaped the shield and spray-painted it to replicate the shield in the movie. Then I cut up some belts to make straps and voila! I feel very confident with how my shield turned out. Finally was the helmet, another important part. I found an old M1 helmet online cleaned it up, painted it the traditional blue with a white A, and added chinstraps and goggles. It definitely looks awesome, but I was rather surprised how heavy it actually is. It really makes me appreciate the men who had to wear them in battle. Quick history lesson; M1 helmets were standard issue from WWII to 1985 and is the same helmet Steve Rogers initially wore on the Bucky Rescue Mission in the movie.

CC: We didn’t shoot any photos of you in the boots but they look great and will be perfect for walking around a convention when you finally debut this cosplay at a convention. We did not know you dyed the top since the color was so vivid and consistent. We love the pins you added to the bottom of the top straps and of course we can’t forget, the star in the middle. You did a great job on the corset and we would have thought it came like that if you didn’t tell us otherwise. We also would have had no idea you painted the belt brown. You did a great job painting it and the darker brown looks great by adding contrast to the cosplay with all of the white, bright red and blue colors. The stockings with the blue tops and back-seams are perfection for this cosplay, and as you said, gives it a nice finishing touch. We love the fact that the main cosplay is made up of three colors, red, white and blue, and each color is there three times. Red: the corset, gloves and heels/boots. White: corset, garter straps and star. Blue: top, bottoms and stockings. You and your help did a great job altering and finishing the shield. It is the perfect size now and we love the fact that it is concave and not just a flat piece of wood. The helmet, chin-strap, and goggles look great and thanks for the history lesson on the M1 helmet. You didn’t mention them, but we love the Captain America shield earrings as well! 

CC: From idea to completion, how long did it take you to finish this cosplay?
Maria: When I first had my idea, I knew this cosplay would take a lot of research to make it exactly how I pictured. This cosplay definitely has many detailed elements such as the helmet and shield. Watching Captain America: The First Avenger a few more times really helped in the production. So between waiting for things in the mail and paint to dry, it took me three months to complete this cosplay. I wanted to take my time as well and make sure I had everything I needed and allow room for trial and error. As every cosplayer knows, not everything you try works the first time. Thanks to the cosplay gods, I did not have too many hitches.

CC: What other characters have you previously cosplayed?
Maria: I have been cosplaying since 2014 and I love going to cons, so I have created many cosplays over the years. My very first one was Raven and my friends were the other Teen Titans. It was definitely a humble cosplay as most first cosplays are. From there I did Catwoman and Scarlet Witch. Then In 2016, I made eight cosplays alone. It was a busy cosplay/con year but I created three of my favorites: Emma Frost, New 52 Wonder Woman, and New 52 Roller Derby Harley Quinn. I love how radiant and majestic I made Emma and being blonde for the first time was exciting too. Cosplaying Wonder Woman was definitely an important one as she is my Greek Amazonian sister and my favorite superhero. Also, I love being Roller Derby Harley, she is such a fun character. Plus, being on skates in cosplay is ridiculously fun.

CC: Are there any other characters that you want to cosplay as in the future?
Maria: Oh my goodness, yes, plenty! I have a long list in my cosplay homework folder where I keep my ideas and checklists. I have a lot planned for 2017. First, I am super excited to wear my Lady Captain America to a convention. I also have some duo cosplays with a friend of mine. One of them includes us being the Wonder Girls, she as Cassie and I as Donna of Troy. I also have several gender bending cosplays lined up. Those include Lady Superman, Lady Winter Soldier, Lady Shazam, and Lady Captain Atom. I love embodying masculine superheroes in a glamorous and feminine cosplay.

CC: Other than Captain America, what are some of the other comic book titles that you enjoy reading?
Maria: I am definitely a girl that loves going to the comic book store to find new things or pick up the latest issue of a series I am reading. I recently finished Civil War II after completing the first Civil War Series. Also, with DC releasing their rebirth series, I have found myself reading a lot more comic books now than ever. I make sure to keep up on Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Titans, and of course Harley Quinn.

CC: What would you say is your absolute favorite comic book title, series, or even issue?
Maria: Whenever I read Wonder Woman, I feel like a little girl again reading in awe about my favorite hero of whom I look up to so dearly. Her strength, kindness, and beauty truly inspire me. On the other hand, I love reading Superman. There are so many aspects of his life that make him continually interesting to read. Thus, The New 52 Superman/Wonder Woman is the perfect comic for this fangirl. I love Superman and Wonder Woman as a super couple fighting beside each other and seeing how they face problems together and apart. A second favorite would be Emma Frost Ultimate collection. The story just grows more and more interesting, I just could not put it down! It is a great read if you are looking for something with drama.

CC: Other than making amazing cosplays and reading comics, do you have any other interests or hobbies?
Maria: I have been sewing since the 7th grade, before I even started to cosplay. I have sewn everything from dresses to my school bags. Sewing and cosplay is what I mostly do in my spare time. It keeps me very busy and I love creating something to be proud of and learning new techniques. I definitely owe a lot to my 7th grade Home Ec. teacher. Besides working on my sewing machine, I also love to roller skate. It is so fun and freeing to be on my skates rolling around in a rink. I actually love skating so much that I have been playing roller derby for about 5 years in a local league. Derby has even had a positive impact on my cosplay; I have no fear being on skates at cons!

CC: Do you have any social networks that you would like to mention?
Maria: You can follow me on Instagram @mariavont (link).

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