Interview With Multi Talented Artist Viet Huynh

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Interview With Multi Talented Artist Viet Huynh

– recently met with the artist Viet HuynhWe met Viet Huynh at Ignition INK where he had a booth set up selling some of his amazing creations. His custom pop culture minions were quite the eye catcher. Viet Huynh had over 50 of his unique creations on display with several of his custom made action figures. After speaking with him we learned the he is a multi talented individual. Not only does he make custom minions and action figures, he is also a comedian and he hosts the comic book themed podcast, Earths Mightiest Podcast. For more information on Viet, be sure to visit his website,

With Viet’s busy schedule we are glad that we were able to conduct an interview with him. It was great to get to know more about the talented and creative Viet Huynh. We hope that you enjoy the following interview. (C.C): Viet Huynh, you are definitely a man of many talents. You create custom action figures, design specialized pop culture characters on minions, you host the Avengers and X-Men themed podcast, Earths Mightiest Podcast and you are a stand up comedian. Which of these hobbies did you start first?

Viet Huynh (V.H): In chronological order it would go custom action figures, stand-up comedy, podcast, then custom minions. I started making custom action figures first. It all started because I was heavy into collecting Marvel Legends action figures, and I was tired of waiting for the companies to make characters that I wanted. When I used to search for action figures on Ebay I saw that people custom made their own action figures and I thought that was really cool! So I then started searching stuff online and found a bunch of tutorials. I started off making stuff for my own collection which then turned into people paying me to make stuff for them.

C.C: I can imagine that some people might want an extreme custom action figure. Well, I would anyway. What do you think was the most outrageous action figure that you’ve created?

V.H: The hardest figures to work on are robots and characters that have a lot of armor. It’s usually hard to find base figures that are close to what needs to be made, so I end up having to sculpt everything from scratch. Robot parts need to be very flat and boxy while armor needs to be very smooth and have a lot of layers. That’s pretty difficult for me to do and still have it look good.

C.C: How long is the process of creating a custom action figure?

V.H: It ranges from a day or two to 2-3 weeks. It all depends on how much sculpt work I have to do. The sculpting material I use takes about 4 hours to cure so if there a lot of layers like armor I have to wait for everything to cure before I can add on to it.

C.C: We recently saw your display of the custom minions that you create at Ignition INK. They were all so detailed and amazing. Which character was the most difficult to create, and why?

V.H: Thor is probably the most difficult because all the steps involved. On top of the basic minion figure I have to do the following:

  1. Sculpt the helmet and circles on the chest
  2. Sculpt the feathers on the helmet
  3. Fully paint the rest of the figure
  4. Glue strips of yellow foam sheets on the head to make the hair
  5. Glue a red foam sheet to make his cape
  6. Make a Mjolnir to glue to his hand

C.C: As an artist, what, or who, do you think has influenced you the most?

V.H: I learned everything from the tutorials on There are some great customizers on there.

C.C: Talented artist extraordinaire, and a comedian. Sounds very fun but also very difficult. Everyone has a different sense of humor. How do you know what’s going to make people laugh?

V.H: It’s all trial and error. I try new bits and keep the ones that work MOST of the time. The ones that don’t work are either modified and tweaked until they do work or get dropped.

C.C: What is your favorite memory from a comedy show that you were hosting?

V.H: I once emceed for Bill Burr who is one of my favorite comics. I’ve only been doing comedy for a 2 or 3 years by then and I was incredibly nervous to meet him. With my voice breaking like I was going through puberty again I asked him what he wanted me to say when I introduced him. With a straight face he looked at me and said “A GOOD EMCEE would have looked up the headliner and already have a list of credits ahead of time.” At that moment my heart was broken. One of my favorite comedians was a jerk. The cliche about never meeting your heroes was true. Once he saw the look on my face he smiled and just said “I’m just messing with you, man!” and was incredibly nice the rest of the show. He got me good.

C.C: Aww, man. That turned out to be a pretty awesome experience. Are there any comedians that you look up to or inspire you? 

V.H: Bill Burr, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Mitch Hedberg and Gary Gullman are some of my favorites.

C.C: So you host Earths Mightiest Podcast every month. Have you always been an Avengers and X-Men fan?

V.H: I have always been an X-Men fan as a kid, but  I started getting into the Avengers when I started reading comic books regularly.

C.C: If the Avengers and X-Men were to battle, again, which team of Super Heroes/Super Mutants (not the Fallout kind:D) would you choose to win and why?

V.H: I would go with the X-Men solely on the fact that I’ve been a fan of them longer.

C.C: Almost everyone has a favorite super hero. My favorite Avenger is Hulk and my favorite X-Men is a tie between Gambit and Wolverine. Who is your favorite Avenger and who is your favorite X-Men?

V.H: My favorite Avenger is Captain America, and my favorite X-Men character is Colossus. They are characters with high moral standards, but they can be tough guys when they need to be.

C.C: It must be awesome to host a podcast about comic titles that you love. Can you tell us a little more about your podcast?

V.H: I co-host the show along with my friends, Alex Smith and Corwin Crowl. Alex is a freelance illustrator and Corwin is comic book binding enthusiast. Both of them have been reading comics for many, many years. We have two different shows every month. On Earth’s Mightiest Podcast (EMP) we talk about the Avengers books that come out each month. We go over what happens and what we liked or disliked in each book. Then we have EMX where we talk about the X-Men books. This show is a little more informal. We don’t go over what happens but we do give our opinions of each book. Sometimes we do BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) episodes where we talk about the books we are enjoying that aren’t Avengers or X-Men titles.

C.C: Have comic books always been a part of your life?

V.H: It’s always been in my life is some shape or form. I actually didn’t start reading comic books regularly until 2010, but I watched all the cartoons, collected the action figures, and collected the trading cards.

C.C: What advice would give to anyone who has a dream that they want to chase?

V.H: Nothing replaces hard work and everybody sucks at first. You don’t have to be the best at something in order to make a living. You just need to be good enough to get people to pay you to do what you do. If you just focus on working hard and getting better, successes and opportunities will come to you eventually.

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