Interview With Artist Josh Bauer

  • JB Dezigns featured artist
  • JB Dezigns featured artist
  • JB Dezigns featured artist
  • JB Dezigns featured artist
  • JB Dezigns featured artist
  • JB Dezigns featured artist
  • JB Dezigns featured artist
  • JB Dezigns featured artist
  • JB Dezigns featured artist

– Interview With Artist Josh Bauer – met with the talented artist Josh Bauer for an exclusive interview…We met Josh Bauer at the recent 2050 Event where he had some of his unique artwork for sell. After speaking with him about all the things he is involved with, we knew we had to feature him on He chose a few pieces of his amazing art work for your viewing pleasure (see the eight images in the slider above). It really was great to learn about Josh and his history not only as an artist, but a convention promoter as well. We thoroughly enjoyed Meeting Josh and we hope you enjoy getting to know him a little better as well. (C.C): Would you like to introduce yourself?

Josh Bauer (JB.D): Of course! My Name is Josh Bauer, some may know me as my artist name JB Dezigns. I am originally from Warren, Ohio and now live in Longwood, Florida just a bit north of Orlando! I am an artist and I am known for my acrylic paintings on canvas. I have been on the convention scene for a little over three years now.

C.C.: How long have you been creating art?

JB.D: Well I have been doing some kind of art for as long as I can remember. My mom says that she always had to make sure to keep something to write with in her purse for me. It was the best way to keep me entertained…..and out of trouble! I would draw on the back of the place mats at a restaurant, or napkins, or whatever I could get my hands on. It wasn’t until high school that I realized I actually had some talent for it though. I took a basic art class in freshman or sophomore year and fell in love with art. After that I think I took every art class they had available there. I was so in to my artwork that I would work on it in other classes.

C.C: When did you realize that *this* was what you wanted to do for a living?

JB.D: *Laughs* Well it’s not really for a living yet. I still work a full time job and I do all my artwork at night or whenever I have a free weekend from events. So, it is more like a second job. To answer the question though, I decided to take my art more seriously about four or five years ago. I was walking around Artist Alley at MegaCon in Orlando a few years ago. I was checking out all of the different artwork and artists and thought that it would be awesome if I could go to an event like that and show off my artwork. After that event I decided to crack down and start working on my style and get my name out there. A short time later, and a few failed attempts at local art events, I did my first comic convention, Ocala Comic Con 2013.

C.C: How did you get into this business?

JB.D: Well, like I said before after seeing Artist Alley at MegaCon I just knew I had to be a part of that, but I really had no idea what I was doing our how to get into it. I was also very nervous to show off my work and I wasn’t really good about talking to people I did not know. I picked an interesting career huh? So I started out small. I got some of my art hung up at a local coffee shop and they had me come out and meet and greet with people. That helped me get a bit better with chatting with people. Then that led to doing some street art festivals, that did not go super well, but those did lead to another art showing at a local wine bar. By this time I was pretty comfortable with talking to people about myself and my artwork, so I decided to start looking into comic conventions. I actually paid for my first MegaCon table with money I made from helping someone move! I paid for that table about a year in advance, so I had to collect some more money so I could pay for Ocala. Then slowly but surely I have added more and more shows and events each year. I am even starting to get asked to be a guest artist at some events!

C.C: Who first introduced you to art and who has influenced you art style?

JB.D: My Grandma, on my Dad’s side, first introduced me in to art. She was an amazingly talented artist!! I have this painting of hers with two bunnies in a hat and the bunnies look so real you’d swear you could just pick one up and pet it. She use to draw and paint all the time and showed me quite a few things. She is the reason I have never stopped doing my artwork. It is my way to remember her and keep her close. I just wish she was around now to see what I am doing with my talent now and how far I have come. As for influences on my art style I really don’t know. I really love street art for sure! I love the colors and the bold lines and how it just pops off the wall. I have really been influenced by comic book artists like J. Scott Cambell, Amanda Conner, and Jimmy Palmiotti. A lot of my artist friends influence me as well. I think the guy that has inspired me the most is my friend N.E.H.S. He just has this amazing style that I can’t even describe. He does an amazing job with mixing spray painting and brush painting. I think is just take in a lot of different things that I see through out my time and travels and just twist it in to my own style.

C.C: So artistic talent runs in your family… While your Grandma chose to draw and paint, what is your preferred medium to work with?

JB.D: Acrylic paint on canvas! Pretty much every piece of out you have seen of mine is done that way. All the prints that I sell at conventions and events were originally paintings. I love painting! It’s one of the few mediums that you can mess up or do a wrong brush stroke and it can turn in to something very cool. I also like it because not just comic book or movie fans are interested in my artwork. I have had some people purchase my work because of my style and not even knowing who the character was.

C.C: What other mediums have you worked with?

JB.D: I have messed with air brushing, spray painting, water color, color pencils, and a few others. The only one I have really liked out of those is spray painting. It’s a fun and messy way to do things. Still have a lot to learn with it though and I think I need an actual studio to be able to do that more.

C.C: How do you know what you want to create? How do you choose who or what you are going to paint?

JB.D: Now that is a great question… I never have a plan….plan. I am always thinking. My mind is always going. It never stops and it’s not always thinking about art, but it is always in motion. I usually come up with something when I am doing something that lets my mind wonder a bit. When I am driving, or in the shower, or at work. I have come up with the best ideas for art when I am not actually thinking about art!

C.C: What’s your favorite piece you have made so far?

JB.D: hmmmmm….I like a lot of them really. Its always hard to pick a favorite. If I had to choose a favorite though, so far is would have to be a painting I call “Long Knight”. It is Batman starring down twenty of his most iconic villains. It was the first painting I did that featured more then one character and it was also the start of a bit of a different style for me. I took a bit of a more….messier style in that one. Lot’s of experimenting on that painting that really paid off in the end.

C.C: We see that you even run your own convention… Is that correct?

JB.D: haha! That is correct. Because I don’t have enough stuff to do right? Yes I run a convention called Ignition INK 2016: Artist Alley Evolved in Orlando, FL. We are actually gearing up for our third (and biggest) show, to date, that will be on January 30th, 2016. It is a convention that spotlights artists and creators of all kinds. We have traditional artists, video game designers, cosplayers, crafters, board game designers, and so much more! We will have over fifty vendors, video game tournaments, classic arcade machines, pinball machines, live paintings, and so much more! You can see more info about it at Oh and I will be selling my artwork there as well!

C.C: So what is in store for you for 2016? Where can fans find you?

JB.D: A lot! Let’s see….. well I am going to my first out of state con this December in Georgia called Jekyll Con. For 2016, so far, I will be at Brick City Nerd & Art Fest, Ignition INK 2016, Syfy BartowLexington Comic Con (In Kentucky), Space Coast Nerd Fest, MegaCon 2016, and Tampa Bay Comic Con. Those are just the ones that I have confirmed at the moment. I am also going to try to get in to DragonCon in 2016 as well. I am always adding new events throughout the year.

C.C: Where can fans find your work, keep up with your events, and “Stalk You” as you like to put it?

JB.D: There is all kinds of places you can find me! Here is a little list.
Instragram: JBAUERART
Twitter: @JB_Art22
Youtube: Search JB Dezigns or find it on my website
Online Store:

C.C: Thanks for your time Josh. We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

JB.D: Thanks and your’e welcome.

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