Holiday Matsuri 2015 Event Coverage

holiday matsuri 2015 event coverage

– Holiday Matsuri 2015 Event Coverage –

Holiday Matsuri 2015 Event coverage from Orlando, Florida…Holiday Matsuri is a festively themed convention that was held December 18-20, 2015 at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida. This was a special year for Holiday Matsuri because it was their 5th anniversary. There were many different events going on all three days so there was always something to keep attendees entertained. Each convention that we attend has a unique vibe specific to that event and at Holiday Matsuri, the atmosphere was a warm, friendly, and inviting one. The staff played a role in that since they were all so friendly and eager to lend a helping hand, offer advice, and answer any questions that attendees had. The venue played a role in the vibe as well because the attendees were able to visit with fellow cosplayers in the comfortable corridors between events. With the intimate environment at Holiday Matsuri it was easy for people to make quick friends.

We spent a a good bit of time in the corridors as well to try and capture as many cosplayers photos as possible. We were able to use one of the walls as a backdrop which helped put an emphasis on each cosplayer and their amazing costumes. Neither the wall nor the hall is the most ideal set for photography, but we like to keep the guests on site at conventions. is a new website and this was our first time attending Holiday Matsuri and we were not quite sure what to expect. We were very excited and a little unprepared for how many people there were attending the convention. While photographing one amazing cosplayer, ten more walk by. Unfortunately we are unable to photograph every cosplayer in attendance, but we try our best. The sheer number of quality costumes as well as the percentage of cosplayers that were at Holiday Matsuri was extremely high.

Plenty to See and Do at Holiday Matsuri 2015

Along with the creative cosplayers, Holiday Matsuri had several talented guests in attendance. Cosplayers and fans lined the halls as they waited to meet their icons and purchase an autograph or a photo. There were plenty of panels going on throughout the weekend where fans of all kinds could sit in and participate. Attendees were also kept busy shopping in the vendor hall. It was a perfect opportunity to pick up unique gifts for yourself or loved ones for the holidays. The gaming pavilion stayed busy all weekend long and filled all of your gaming needs. Attendees could play games such as Mario Kart, Lollipop Chainsaw, Dance Dance Revolution, and so much more. There was also many indie table top games that kept gamers immersed throughout the weekend. From tea parties, burlesque shows, dance contests, benefit balls, raves, and cosplay competitions, Holiday Matsuri was sure to have an event to entertain everyone.

There was a buzz throughout the weekend about the main prize that could be won by competitors in the Holiday Matsuri Cosplay Competetion. To have a chance to win, contestants had to apply for both Craftsmanship and Performance and also opt in to be a competitor. The winner of the Best Performance Award was to receive a grand prize which included the chance to become US Representatives for the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF) Cosplay Supershow in Hangzhou, China in 2016. With all of the amazing performances, it was a tough job for the judges to decide who the coveted prize should go to. They came to the unanimous decision that the award for Best Performance should go to Clever Disguises with their awe inspiring performance, Over the Garden Wall.

Holiday Matsuri – A One of A Kind Convention

Overall, Holiday Matsuri was a very enjoyable experience. This truly was a one of a kind convention. We met and photographed some really amazing individuals and seen many that we have come to know in the convention circuit. The air of friendliness and all of the Holiday cheer that was at Holiday Matsuri made this a memorable convention for us. had a great time taking in all of the wonderful things that this event had to offer. We are glad that the promoter of Holiday Matsuri had us there to cover the event and are looking forward to next year’s Holiday Matsuri that will be held at their new location, the Marriott Orlando World Center on December 16-18, 2016.  For more you can visit

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