Holiday Matsuri 2016 Event Coverage

Holiday Matsuri 2016

Holiday Matsuri 2016 Event Coverage from Orlando, Florida…

Holiday Matsuri 2016 Event Coverage

Holiday Matsuri 2016 was held at the beautiful Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida on December 16-18, 2016. This was the first year at this location and we feel it was a great location that provided ample room for the huge turnout. The new location was beautiful and spacious. Its hallways had huge windows that let in a lot of natural light that helped photographers capture photos of their favorite cosplayers. Many people traveled great distances to attend Holiday Matsuri. We met guests from states other than Florida and even some from other countries. There were thousands of attendees and many were dressed as their favorite character.

One of the hallmarks of Holiday Matsuri cosplay is the festive theme. saw an Elf on the Shelf cosplay, A Lou Lou and Betty Who cosplay, countless Christmas Harley Quinns, and many more brilliant holiday themed cosplays. This was Holiday Matsuri’s sixth year, and with it’s positive reputation and new location, it seems that it will only get bigger in the future. The event is one of our favorite to attend because of the high percentage of people who dress up and participate in activities. The atmosphere is always very inviting, and everyone is so eager to compliment others cosplays. It seems that this event brings people together with it’s friendly enviroment.

Holiday Matsuri 2016 Activities

Holiday Matsuri is also known for their incredible amount of activities. Friday there were over fifty events, including the Dance Cover Contest, a Geekapella concert, a K-Pop gathering, a performance from Pleasure Pixels and more. One of the most anticipated events was the Cosplay Super Show. The game room stayed pretty busy all weekend while gamers played games such as Mario Kart 8, Just Dance 2017, Street Fighter V, and Super Smash Brothers U and more. If people wanted a break from gaming they could browse the vendor room. There was over seventy vendors and thirty artists with unique and original items for sell. Between gaming, shopping, enjoying live performances, interacting with guests at panels, and making new friends, there was always something to keep attendees busy. There were so many activities at Holiday Matsuri 2016 that it is impossible to capture them all. That is why more people should attend so that they can experience all of the festive activities for themselves.

Holiday Matsuri 2016 – A Festive and Friendly Convention for All attends and covers several different conventions throughout the year. While they are all very enjoyable, Holiday Matsuri is definitely one that they truly look forward to. Many of the cosplayers who attend are so kind and were happy to pose for a quick snap shot with our photographer for the Holiday Matsuri 2016 event coverage. There is always such a huge percentage of cosplayers at Holiday Matsuri. We try very hard to document the event and capture as many people as we can, but is impossible to photograph everyone at such a huge event. We are glad that the promoter welcomed us back for a second year to cover Holiday Matsuri 2016. The event truly is a festive and friendly convention for all and we look forward to Holiday Matsuri 2017. Holiday Matsuri 2017 will be held at the same venue as this year, the Orlando World Center Marriott on December 15-17, 2017. For more you can visit

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