Santa Monica Studio Releases God of War Story Trailer

The God of War returns.

God of War Story Trailer

God of War is an action-adventure hack and slash video game. The game has seen seven titles for PlayStation, PSP, and mobile phones. The eighth title is God of War, also refereed to as God of War 4. The first series was loosely based on Greek Mythology. The new game is taking the series into the world of Norse mythology. The upcoming game features a third person, over the shoulder free camera. This is a departure from the previous installments which featured a third person fixed camera.

The series protagonist Kratos will return as the main character. He now has a son named Atreus who accompanies him throughout the game. Many years have passed since Kratos battled his father Zeus, and Kratos and Atreus find themselves in the world of Norse gods. It is a savage land inhabited by many ferocious monsters and warriors. Kratos must teach his son how to survive in this dangerous world, and in doing so he must learn to curb his rage that has driven him for so long.

He must also deal with the Norse gods themselves as they are aware of Kratos role in the destruction of Olympus. Throughout Kratos and Atreus journey together, Atreus learns more about his father’s complicated past. Atreus struggles to be like his father or to choose to be his own person, as seen in the God of War story trailer. God of War release date is April 20, 2018. For more you can visit,

God of War Story Trailer

God of War 4

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