Flesh of the Blood

Flesh of the Blood

Flesh of the Blood will envelop readers in a highly imaginative tale that is filled with magic, mystery, and adventure…Flesh of the Blood is the first book in a series of four from author E.A. Channon. Flesh of the Blood is a fantasy novel with complex characters and a tension filled plot complete with epic battles and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. E.A. has even developed an extensive map for his novels. The map is called World of Marn and it gives readers a closer view into locations where events in Flesh of the Blood take place.

E.A. Channon was born in Carlisle, a small city in northwest England. His heritage can actually be traced to the time of kings, knights, and battles for the honor of fair maidens. His aristocratic English upbringing and his extensive knowledge of history both enrich and enhance his writing. Having served in the British and American military, E.A. is able to bring a sense of great realism to the weaponry and battle scenes in his Flesh of the Blood series.

Flesh of the Blood Synopsis

Great evil is stirring and its sights are set on acquiring an ancient power source unknown to the inhabitants of a distant planet lost in time. The alien presence in search of the instruments of this power has set in motion events centered on the kingdom and city-state, Brigini’i, of King Dia. A Cyclops leads a massive army of orcs and goblins on an invasion of the king’s realm under the order of the evil magician Methnorick. Methnorick has dark elves kidnap the king’s daughter, Shermee. These evil doings are taking place while King Dia is hosting his annual games of battle, magic and thievery.

Humans, dwarves, elves, giants, magicians and Druids have gathered to test their mettle and be recognized as the winners of the games. Every year, the king then sends the winners on a quest to find a treasure or perform other important feats. They are awarded for their success with lands and titles. This year, under the terrible circumstance of Princess Shermees kidnapping, King Dia splits the winners into two groups and sends them in different directions in hopes of rescuing his daughter. Now, all hope lies with the two bands sent in search of Princess Shermee.

E.A. Channon’s unique charm and love of a good story bring so much character to his books. Flesh of the Blood seems to be an action filled novel with an enthralling plot that is sure to captivate readers and leave them craving the next novel in the series. Flesh of the Blood and the second book in the series, Flesh of the Blood-Devastation, are now available for purchase at eachannon.com.

Flesh of the Blood


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