Dark Horse Comics Presents Fire and Stone Paperback

Fire and Stone Paperback

The universes most terrifying villains collide.

Aliens, Predator, and Prometheus Collide in the Fire and Stone Paperback

Fire and Stone is a comic book series crossover from Dark Horse Comics. The series is set in the fictional universe of the Alien vs Predator franchise. It was first published in 2014 and was presented in seventeen issues. Now, three years later, Dark Horse Comics is announcing the release of the Fire and Stone paperback. The science fiction novel will feature the complete series for the first time in paperback.

The resting place of the doomed Prometheus expedition is on the moon of LV-223. That location is an enigmatic source of organic life, and also happens to be a nightmarish source of ultimate destruction. A new generation of explorers hope to uncover the mysteries of this strange and dangerous world, but what they find may lead to humanity’s undoing. The Fire and Stone paperback will be available for purchase for approximately $24.99. It will be available on April 11, 2018.

Fire and Stone Paperback

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