Final Fantasy XV 101

The Final Fantasy XV 101 trailer gives us an extended look at the world, characters, and mechanics of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game…

Final Fantasy XV 101

Final Fantasy XV is a world of fantasy based on reality. This game was created for players new to the world of Final Fantasy, as well as longtime fans. This is the grand quest to reclaim your throne. Final Fantasy 15 is set in the war torn world of Eos. Players will play as Noctis, the crowned prince of the kingdom of Lucis. His quest is to take back his homeland from the clutches of the imperial army, Niflheim. After an attack King Regis was found dead, and now Noctis is heir to the throne.

In combat Noctis can wield spectral weapons that he forges from thin air. It is a power possessed by those of his royal line. Luckily, Noctis is not alone on his quest. He has three trusted friends to help him along the way. His friend Prompto is the life of the team. Although he is the youngest and weakest member, his masterful gun play makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Gladiolus is Noctis’s eldest companion. His family has served as the protector of the Kings of Lucis for many years. His strong suit is his loyalty to Noctis and his strength. Ignis is the most reflective and thoughtful member of the team. He was raised with Noctis to be an adviser to the prince. He provides the team with tasty dinners and great advice. When it comes to fighting, he yield dual daggers with deadly efficiency.

Final Fantasy XV 101 in Combat and Magic

Final Fantasy XV has a combat system that offers a blend of magic spells, summons, and real time battle action. The system allows players to strike with a vast array of hardware and magic. the system also allows players to exploit the skills and weaponry of your comrades. It is important to have a solid defense in combat. Parrying and dodging your foes attacks will greatly help players during fights. Players also have the ability to summon ferocious beings called Astrals. Seeking them out and calling on their powers will provide a great deal of help and strength for your battles.

Magic will be an important weapon in players arsenals. Magic can be collected from elemental spots throughout the map. It can be crafted and loaded into the inventory at a set amount of your choice. Magic can also be combined with other items to give them special attributes. As players journey through the world of Final Fantasy 15, their party will earn ability points by leveling up and completing quests. These points can then be used in the Ascension system. They will activate Nexuses that will grant the characters new skills.

Final Fantasy XV 101 in Traveling

The luxurious Regalia is your main mode of transportation in Final Fantasy XV. The car will allow players fast passage between major locations. At a certain point in the game, the Regalia will also be able to fly. Although to get closer to the action and to explore the world in depth players will need to get along on foot. If players don’t want to use those two methods of transportation, they can always buy a Chocobo. Chocobos are large birds that can be used as steeds that have been a part of the series since Final Fantasy II.

Side Quests and Mini Games in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV includes numerous side quests that are available to players throughout their journey. Tipsters in the world give you the opportunity to carry out monster hunts. Those hunts help players gain valuable experience and cash rewards. Havens are locations placed in the world of Eos where the team can safely recuperate from the days events. At various locations in the world you’ll find the game Justice Monsters Five. This pinball game is fully playable in Final Fantasy 15. Along with the pinball game, there are many other mini games in Final Fantasy XV to discover, such as Chocobo Racing and fishing.

Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Final Fantasy XV has many of the familiar traits from the previous Final Fantasy games. The series has captivated players for almost thirty years, and it has an incredible fan base. This game has been ten years in the making, and it looks as if it be well worth the wait. Fans of the game will not have to wait for much longer as the release date is almost here. Final Fantasy XV release date is November 29, 2016, just in time for the Holidays. For more you can visit

Final Fantasy XV 101

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