DC Comics Bombshells United

Bomshells United

The DC Bombshells are back in an all-new series! Bombshells United #1 and #2 are on the way. 

DC Comics Bombshells United

Bombshells United #1 – The year is 1943 and Wonder Woman is called to Arizona for help by two young girls named Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy. Their friends and family are being displaced from their homes and forced into interment camps. Can Wonder Woman fight against the same people she once fought alongside to save them? Bombshells United #1 is written and page art by Marguerite Bennet and cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson. There will also be a variant cover by Babs Tarr.  32 pages – $3.99 – On sale September 6th

Bombshells United #2 – Wonder Woman has set up refuge for Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy’s friends and family in the middle of the forset–but displacement is displacement and they want to go home. To make matter worse, a spy has infiltrated the camp! Has Wonder Woman put everyone in even greater danger? Bombshells United #2 will be on sale September 20th. 32 pages – $3.99

Bombshells United #1

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