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Ginny Vegas Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay met up with cosplayer Ginny Vegas in her Suicide Squad Harley Quinn cosplay for an interview and photo shoot…

Cosplayer Ginny Vegas had the opportunity to meet up with Ginny Vegas (Harley Quinn) in down town Gotham to capture some images and learn a little more about her. We enjoyed interviewing and photographing Ginny Vegas. She looked great in her Suicide Squad Harley Quinn cosplay and had such a sparkling personality. We hope you enjoy the pictures and interview below. (C.C): Your Suicide Squad Harley Quinn looks great. What is it about her character that inspired you to cosplay as her?
Ginny Vegas (Ginny): Thank you. I love to cosplay as Harley Quinn she’s such a super fun character, she’s so bubbly and energetic. I always have a blast when I cosplay her. I was inspired to do the Suicide Squad version because I love the Suicide Squad in general and her outfit is amazing. I really love the color scheme as well as the details of the tattoos and bat.

C.C: Unfortunately there is a lot of criticism in the cosplay community towards Harley Quinn cosplayers. How would you respond to those who criticize the Harleys?
Ginny: My response would be to “Grow Up.” Everyone who cosplays just wants to have a good time and be proud of all the time and effort they put into their cosplay. Yes, there are many Harley cosplays but hey there’s like a million Batman cosplays and nobody criticizes them, right? Haha. There is no need for any negativity, and mean people suck. Let’s all get along and have a fun time.
C.C: We feel the same way, there should be no limitations to cosplaying. Some people even cosplay as the same character at every con as well. If there is something about that character that appeals to that individual, there should be no “rule” that limits them on who or how many times they cosplay as that character. Cosplay is a form of expression and you should express yourself the way you want to.

C.C: Harley Quinn made her first appearance in the cartoon Batman: The Animated Series. Are you a fan of cartoons and comic books?
Ginny: I’m a fan of both. I love love love the Batman Animated Series. I have watched it for years and that’s actually how I discovered Harley. I also really enjoy reading comics. I fell in love with with the new 52 Harley comics when I read them. The art is so beautiful and every plot is super exciting! Amanda Conner is a genius!

C.C: How long have you been a cosplayer? What got you interested in cosplaying?
Ginny: I have been a cosplayer for about 2 and a half years. My dad and I used to watch this show called “Heroes of Cosplay” on the SyFy channel back in 2013. It featured many talented cosplayers such as Yaya Han, Chloe Dysktra, Jessica Nigri and many more. I loved the show so much and was so inspired that I began to create my own costumes and props. Plus, I love to dress up for any occasion and Halloween is my favorite holiday so I kinda feel like when you’re a cosplayer it’s Halloween all year.

C.C: What was your first cosplay?
Ginny: The first cosplay I did was Babydoll was from the movie Sucker Punch at Wizard World Philadelphia in summer 2014. I had originally planned to have my DC Bombshell Harley Quinn cosplay finished but unfortunately I had a couple complications with my gun. Instead, I used my Babydoll costume from a previous Halloween for the con and it actually turned out to be awesome. Eventually I did fix the complications with the gun and wore it to the next convention I attended which was MegaCon in Orlando, Florida in spring 2015.

C.C: Do you have any plans for future cosplays?
Ginny: Yes. I am currently working on a few different cosplays: Ciri from the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a classic Harley Quinn jester outfit, as well as a Harley Quinn/Negan from The Walking Dead cosplay (I saw some fan art on Instagram and fell in love with it!) I’m super excited to finish them!

C.C: If you could cosplay as any character, who would it be?
Ginny: Oh man that’s a tough one… I’d either be a Scout Trooper (aka biker scout) or Boba Fett from Star Wars!!!! Scout Troopers are my favorite troopers of the Imperial Military and Boba Fett is my favorite character ever from Star Wars. I also really wanna get into creating armor so maybe one day I can make that happen!

C.C: What advice would you offer to anyone who is joining the cosplay community?
Ginny: The best advice would be to have fun with it! I feel like having fun and expressing your creativity is what cosplay is all about. You can dress up as a character you love for a day and have an absolute blast! Don’t listen to any negative comments, your cosplay is yours and you create it the way you want it!

C.C: That is very good advice. You have attended several different conventions. What is your favorite thing about conventions?
Ginny: My favorite thing would totally be all the smiling faces and positive energy that goes on at conventions. Everyone is always to happy and excited at conventions and that brings so much joy to me! I also really love looking at all the different cosplays. It’s so awesome to see cosplayers showcase what they have worked so hard on. I love to see how people can put their own twist on a character. I think everyone should experience a convention at least once in their lifetime.

C.C: When was your first convention?
Ginny: My first convention was Horror Hound in Cincinnati, Ohio back in March 2014. It was incredible and opened my eyes to conventions. I was so obsessed (and still am) with The Walking Dead, so I attended Horror Hound to meet some of the cast. I also got to meet one of my favorite actors, Bruce Campbell. I absolutely loved the energy and excitement, it got me hooked on conventions! I actually planned my next trip for my next con (Wizard World Philadelphia) while standing in line to meet Hershel from TWD haha. I didn’t cosplay at Horror Hound because I went to this convention last minute but I knew I had to cosplay at the next con I attended!

C.C: Have you ever met someone that you really admired at a convention?
Ginny: Yes, in October 2015 I attended Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL and met my idol Tom Savini. Mr. Savini is an incredibly talented special effects makeup artist who has worked on some of my favorite horror movies. He is a makeup mastermind. It was so surreal meeting him because I grew up watching his movies and have admired his work for years. I never thought I would be able to meet him but I am so thankful that I did. That was an awesome day!

C.C: When you’re not busy beating up super heroes, what other hobbies attract your interest?
Ginny: Some of my other hobbies include painting, creating new looks with makeup (glam and SFX) as well as gaming.

C.C: So, you are quite the artist and gamer. Do you have a favorite video game?
Ginny: My all time favorite game would probably be Luigi’s Mansion for GameCube. My cousins and I used to beat Luigi’s Mansion over and over, we felt like it never got old. Currently I have been playing a lot of Star Wars Battlefront and Destiny for PS4. Some day I would love to stream on Twitch, I think it would be pretty cool.

C.C: If you had to pick a favorite pop culture icon, who would it be?
Ginny: Corey Taylor from the band Slipknot.

C.C: So you’re into heavy/alternative metal. Can you share your most memorable concert experience?
Ginny: I have attended many concerts but I would have to say my favorite would be when I saw Slipknot live for the first time. I have been a huge fan forever and I’ve been trying to see them for years. Slipknot’s stage performance is phenomenal and Corey Taylor’s vocals are incredible.

C.C: Do you currently attend school or have a job? What are your future career goals?
Ginny: I am a hair stylist and makeup artist. I have been doing hair for 2 years and makeup for many years. I absolutely love my career. I totally talk waaaay too much to work behind a desk so it’s perfect for me. My ultimate career goal would be to work at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. I believe it would be a life changing experience. I am also striving to make creating cosplays and attending more conventions a top priority for myself. Cosplay is a big passion of mine and I want to pursue it more.
C.C: That sounds like an amazing career. We hope that you accomplish all of your career and cosplay goals in the future.

C.C: Where can we see more of you online?
You can find me on Instagram at @ginnyvegas, Twitter at, and Facebook at

C.C: Are there any words of wisdom that you wish to give to the world?
Ginny: “Have courage and be kind.” It’s a quote from Cinderella and I believe it’s so true. Kindness is key in life and we all need courage throughout our journey to achieve our dreams.

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