Cars 3 Official Trailer

After numerous teaser trailers, Disney-Pixar now reveals the Cars 3 Official Trailer.

Cars 3 Official Trailer

After the Cars 3 Teaser Trailer and numerous other teaser trailers, Disney-Pixar now gives us the Cars 3 Official Trailer. The racing days of Lightning McQueen are coming to an end after he is in an accident and pushed out of the sport he loves. Storm and a new generation of blazing-fast racers are now stealing Lightning McGueen’s spotlight. To get back in the game, Lightning will need the help of Cruz Ramirez. Cruz Ramirez is the young race technician who will train Lightning and has her own plan to win.

This summer, see if Lightning strikes and find out if it’s not over for Lightning and see if he can complete his last dream of being the champion of the Piston Cup!
The Cars 3 in theater release date is June 16, 2017. For more information on the upcoming film you can visit

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