Bri Rose Cosplay as Poison Ivy

Bri Rose Cosplay met up with Bri Rose for an interview and photo shoot in her Poison Ivy Cosplay.

Bri Rose Cosplay as Poison Ivy

We met Bri Rose while she was wearing her Poison Ivy cosplay at MegaCon Orlando 2017. She was hanging out with The Joker and we took a snapshot of both of them for the MegaCon Orlando 2017 event coverage. We loved her Poison Ivy cosplay and we were able to meet up with her at a later date at the Gotham Gardens for a photo shoot and interview. Unfortunately, It started raining as soon as we got there and continued for over an hour so our shoot together was shorter than scheduled but we still had a great time photographing her in her amazing Poison Ivy cosplay and getting to know a little more about her in the interview below.

CC: ( What appealed to you about the Poison Ivy character that made you want to cosplay as her?
Bri Rose Cosplay: I grew up watching the Batman and Robin film with Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy and instantly became obsessed with her character. Then I learned about her involvement in the Gotham City Sirens as well as her animated series with Harley Quinn and decided to plan different costume versions. My ideas started out simple and didn’t seem very interesting to me so I put off creating her cosplay until this year. I also wanted a cosplay that I felt down right powerful in, and nothing screams powerful like Venus flytraps and high heels.

CC: Tell us about some of the things it took for you to complete your Poison Ivy cosplay.
Bri Rose: In order to complete her cosplay I first had to hand sew the ivy leotard. That took me about a month to fully hand sew every leaf as well as glue the edges to make it look more structured. Then I made everything work around the flytraps. I bought a flexible and sturdy wire from Lowes and shaped it to my body so I could test movements and stability. Once everything was in a place, comfortable, and looked good I took bits of stripped textured rope and glued it to the wiring for more of a vine and stem look. I painted both the wire and rope various shades of greens before hot gluing the ivy vines. The Venus Flytraps were constructed from styrofoam balls. I cut out slices for the mouth and hot glued the lips and striations on the top for a more gory look for the Flytraps. Their teeth were the most difficult since they were made from rolled layers of hot glue. Once everything was glued into place I went back over with various spray paints and acrylics for depth and the appearance of “blood”. The simplest pieces were the shoes and tights. The tights were originally white and just dyed a light green, and the shoes were painted green with glued leaves and vines to add flair. There’s still more I wish I could do like create bigger Flytraps or more intricate vines, but for my first attempt with those materials I am very pleased with the outcome.
CC: The flytraps look amazing and are so detailed! We love how the vines for them are so adjustable and you can pose them in a variety of positions.

CC: What inspired you to get into cosplay?
Bri Rose: When I was 6 years old my grandmother promised that she would teach me how to sew when I got older. Sadly she passed away later that year and never had the opportunity to teach me. My freshman year of high school I started to learn how to sew; in a way to remember her as well express my creativity. Now in every cosplay I wear, it is like I have a piece of her with me.

CC: What do you love most about cosplay?
Bri Rose: I love the fact that anyone and everyone can participate. During Halloween there is often a lot of cultural appropriation issues based on costumes, but I have never seen any of those issues at a convention or cosplay themed event. Rather than looking at race or the color of someone’s skin, we look at the craftsmanship of their cosplay and the fact that they’re participating in an event that we all love. One of my favorite quotes from actor Matt Smith mentions, “I think that if the world was a bit more like Comic-Con, we’d all be a little happier.” I believe this to be 100% true.

CC: What is your favorite part about preparing your cosplays?
Bri Rose: The makeup of every cosplay excites me! Sometimes I get to decorate my face like an elegant princess, and other times I’m covered in contoured paint or prosthetics. I will do a couple trial runs before the event and use the most unconventional items to create specific makeup looks. There was one time that I took a razor and shaved the fuzz from the underside of a tablecloth to use as eyebrow extensions for the Grinch.
I also like to spend the a lot of time thinking about and preparing the makeup because to me that makes or breaks a cosplay. I don’t want to be at a convention with the wrong facial contour or paint for a character.

CC: Tell us about some of your thought process when you are deciding to create a cosplay.
Bri Rose: The ideas usually come to me at two in the morning. I wake up and sketch my entire concept before I forget it the next day. Then, a couple of days after I make the first sketch, I will tweak the design by looking up costume examples as well as the character I want to create. Over the course of a few months I will search every thrift store imaginable untill I find exactly what I need. I do not have a large cosplay fund so whenever I can find a dress to tear apart for fabric, I will do so. A few months before a convention or event I will work on the cosplays piece by piece rather than all at once untill they’re complete and to my liking. In the past I have had to scratch cosplays because of wig problems or size issues, and create something new within a few days before the event. However, it always works out in the end!

CC: What other cosplays have you completed?
Bri Rose: I have completed cosplays such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Rey from Star Wars. I have also created Kida (Journey to Atlantis), Emma Frost (X-men), Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre Dame), Megara (Hercules), Countess (American Horror Story), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Zatanna Zatara (Justice League), Rogue (X-men), Agent Carter, the Grinch, Star Wars Padme, and even Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This list is continuously growing.

CC: Quite a list! Would you say that you have a favorite cosplay?
Bri Rose: Last year for a Halloween block party I created an Enchantress Suicide Squad cosplay. I had a group of friends who were going as different characters and suggested that I would make a great Cara Delevingne. It was my first time working with chains as well as with painting an entire cosplay head to toe. It was also my first time creating fake tattoos that would rub off in the Florida heat. I was able to wear my natural hair down, which is something I do not get to do very often. Throughout the night I just felt powerful in that cosplay. It tested my skills and the end result was worth all of the hard work.

CC: Do you have any future cosplay plans that you are willing to reveal?
Bri Rose: I’m currently in the process of planning my cosplays for the next year, but I have officially decided on making a princess Jasmine, Tim Burton corpse bride, and an X-23 cosplay for a few costumed events this year. This last Tampa Bay Comic Con my family and I won the best TV and Film category with our American Horror Story group so we are definitely trying think of more cosplays for next years conventions that are just as good!

CC: Which fictional character would you say that you are the most like in real life?
Bri Rose: In real life I am the most like Disney’s princess Belle. Aside from having similar looks, I’ve had a love for books since I learned to read. I also come from a French family so her fairytale history is the same as my nationality. Roses are also a major part of my family as well as in Belle’s story. They have not only been a name carried in my family for years, but have also been represented as a crest in my family. My dad’s name is also Maurice, which is the same name as Belle’s father. I find that to be cool coincidence.

CC: This one is becoming a consistent question in our interviews… Do you have a fictional character crush?
Bri Rose: Nightwing! Dick Grayson was always my favorite of the robins and then for him to be a main character in the Young Justice series just influenced my love for that character even more.

CC: Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
Bri Rose: Aside from cosplay, I enjoy painting and drawing! I’m currently an animation student so most of my time is spent drawing and painting for classes. I have also gotten into 3D paper art recently and create them in shadow boxes. I create everything from animated to live action films completely out of paper, acrylic paint, and glue. Jewelry making is a small hobby of mine ever since I created Enchantress. Her cosplay used complex chains and medallions that sparked my interest in making more accessories and jewelry. I have many hobbies that relate and help with creating my cosplays.
CC: We saw some of your amazing art on your Instagram page and would love to see some of your animation work one day!

CC: Would you like to mention any of your social networks?
Bri Rose: You can follow me on Instagram @brirose_cosplay (link) and I just created a Facebook page at (link)

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