Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Final Trailer

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Final Trailer

– The battle is almost here…In the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice final trailer, we see glimpses of the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. The fight scenes in the beginning of the trailer resemble scenes from the video game, Batman: Arkham Knight. Once Batman has beaten up a few thugs, he turns his focus to Superman. Batman sees Superman as a threat to humanity, and decides it’s best to put a stop to his antics. Obviously easier said than done, what with Superman being the powerful and mighty being that he is. Even with all of Batman’s gadgets and technology, he doesn’t quite seem a match for Superman.

Lex Luthor sits on the sidelines and enjoys the fireworks, wishing for the demise of his nemesis, Superman. Just in case things weren’t complicated enough, Wonder Woman shows up in the midst of the turmoil to lend a lasso. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is directed by  Zack Snyder ( Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch ) and written by Chris Terrio and David S, Goyer. This will be the first live-action film to feature both Superman and Batman together, as well as the first to feature live-action portrayals of Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice theater release date is March 25, 2016. For more you can visit and view the videos in the links below.

Batman v Superman Trailer #2

Batman v Superman – Sneak Peek

Batman v Superman

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