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The 2050 Event Coverage from Daytona Beach, Florida…2050 had their first event in a city that is famous for firsts of all kinds, Daytona Beach, Florida. The 2050 Event was held at the Ocean Center, the fifth largest convention center in the state of Florida, on Halloween weekend, October 30th through November 1st. The goal of 2050 Event was to be different from your typical con. They involved Iron Gaming for eSport Tournaments where gamers could compete for cash playing games like the new Halo 5: Guardians and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. From the diversity of the chosen panel topics, the opportunity to meet your favorite celeb, competitive gaming, browsing the many different vendor booths, photo ops with friends and celebs and the variety of after parties, there was always something at 2050 to keep you busy.

2050’s Long Guest List of Talent

2050 Event boasted a surprising list of over thirty celebrities. Talented and friendly celebs such as Steve Downes (the voice of Masterchief), Tony Dyson (The creator of R2D2), Alex Saviuk, Sasha Jackson (Blue Crush 2) (we couldn’t decide which photo to use of the beautiful and talented Sasha Jackson, so we added all four), Jen Taylor (the voice of Cortona), Christy Carlson Romano (Kim Possible), Anthony Montgomery, Jack Stauffer, Belinda Cornish (Rana Thanoptis form Mass Effect), Keith DeCandido, Keith Robinson, Alison MacInnis (Power Rangers), Joseph Gatt (God of War) (cool guy that shared some great stories), Greyston Holt (Bitten), Joe Alves, Michael Biehn, Mark Meer (the voice of Commander Shepard) (we got two great photos of him in his amazing costume while heading out to one of the after parties), Gigi Edgley, Timothy Quill, Jack Noseworthy, Steve Lund, Russell Hodgkinson, Aaron Eisenberg, Steven Skyler, Nat Zang (Z Nation), Melanie Leishman, Susan Backline (Chrissie from Jaws), John R. Mangus, Alex House, Lynn McArthur, and Steven Skyler were available to sign autographs and take photos with their fans. Comiccoverage.com was able to get an exclusive interview with Steve Downes and Jen Taylor and will have that article published soon.

The Cosplayers of 2050

Many Cosplayers had booths set up at the 2050 Daytona Event selling prints and were always prepared for a photo op with their fans. JezzabellGem, Siren Croft (look for more photos and info on her in a future post), Holly Wolf, Callie Cosplay, Zach Attack, Kristen Hughey (we got some great photos of her in a 5 min shoot in the press area), Envy Us, Shane Morris, Ellei Marie, Pikabellechu, Kiki Kannon, Rick Stafford, NecroticNymph, Fudgie, Nerd Bunny, Princess Lymari, Danica Rockwood, Jc Cox, and more all had different and unique cosplay costumes each day. From characters such as Mad Moxie from Borderlands, Batman, Triss for The Witcher, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, Alice Lidell from Madness Returns, Joker, Jay and Silent Bob, Kim Possible, Peter Pan, Katniss Everdeen, Jigsaw from Saw, Aquaman, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Tiana from Princess and the Frog, Vampirella, Storm, Aladdin and Freddy Krueger, these amazing cosplayers absolutely embodied their personas. Morpheus Cosplay didn’t have a booth but attended the 2050 Event as a great version of Deadpool and posed for comiccoverage.com in a fun set of photos on Sunday with Siren Croft as Harley Quinn and Shane Morris as the Joker in a 2016 Polaris Slingshot Reverse Trike “Batmobile” brought out by Lauren at Indian Motorcycle – Daytona Beach (see event photos below). The only thing missing from this set was Zack Attack as Batman (he was Batman on Friday) but we got some great images of him battling the Joker over Harley Quinn at the Gotham City Tattoo & Barber Emporium (aka the International Academy booth).

The Performers, Artists and Vendors of 2050

The talented artists at the International Academy delivered truly spectacular creations on willing attendees of 2050 Daytona. They did a fantastic job on make up, realistic scars and wounds, hairstyles and fashion. The team from International Academy that worked the event were extremely talented and brought a lot of energy to 2050. The Southern R2 Builders Group displayed several of their amazingly crafted R2D2 droids. They were so well designed that the original creator and builder of R2D2 himself, Tony Dyson, praised the builders and even posed for a few photos with one of their R2D2 droids (see photos below). Chris P. Bacon even made a stop at 2050 and melted the hearts of all who got to meet him. Frenchy and the Punk was set up with their albums and other cool merchandise for sell. The Fossil Hunters had an awesome booth where you could watch video from their TV show, meet the family of hunters and learn a little about fossils as well. Daytona Hyundai had two new cars showcased at 2050 Event. Sector 7 Team brought out some “Fan”tastic bikes. Mandalorian Mercs had an awesome booth with some amazingly crafted Mandalorian and Boba Fett costumes while the 501st Legion had a very nice set up as well with a great backdrop for Star Wars fans to use for photo ops. The 405th Infantry Division had a very strong showing with over fifteen members portraying different characters from Halo.

Many talented artists and authors such as Lucienne Diver, Josh Bauer, Dennis Hart, Amanda Hackert, Christie Cox, Chris Nelson, Pop Up Ideas, Screaming Plant Productions, Monster Kid Studios, MAR Photography, Genesis Ball, Rob Reep and Slante Illustrations and Stacston Carter Photography lined Artist Alley with their work on display and for sell. Night Heron Productions had a lazer tag arena set up as well. Vendors such as Nerd Haven, Antiherotees.com, Game Life, Gamers Sanctuary, Fair Priced Games, Rare Quality Deals, Tao Gaming, Electric Diva and many more had amazing, unique and interesting products for sell. With it being Halloween weekend, quite a few patrons attended 2050 in costume. Overall, 2050 was a very enjoyable event. Every booth was displayed nicely. The talent and celebs were very kind and eager to meet their adoring fans. The cosplayers kept things entertaining. The archway over the entrance doors stated “Welcome to the future” and we feel 2050 Event has a bright future. Comiccoverage.com had a great time shooting the 2050 event coverage and meeting all of the friendly people involved. Next year we can only hope that more people make it to the event to enjoy all that 2050 has to offer. The 2050 website has already announced that they are getting the website ready for next year and we cant wait to see what they have in store for the next one. The back page in the program read that “2050 is more than just a con, it is a movement.” Like the display over the exit doors stated…”Until Next Time.”

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