Darksiders III Announcement Trailer

A Horseman will ride once more… This time with a little more attitude.

Darksiders III Announcement Trailer

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games has revealed the Darksiders III Announcement trailer.
In Darksiders 3, the earth is overrun by the Seven Deadly Sins and the mystical creatures and degenerated beings that serve them. The Charred Council calls upon Fury to battle from the heights of heaven down through the depths of hell in a quest to restore the balance and prove that she is the most powerful of the Horsemen. Fury is the most enigmatic and unpredictable of the Horsemen. She is a mage who must rely on her magic and whip to restore the balance between good and evil. Fury must succeed where many have failed.

Th Darksiders III release date is yet to be announced but for more on the upcoming game you can visit darksiders.com

Darksiders 3

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