10 Reasons to Pick Up an Xbox One this Holiday

– 10 Reasons to Pick Up an Xbox One this Holiday –

Need help convincing a significant other or family member to buy you an Xbox One? This video might help… Showcasing Xbox One exclusive games like Halo 5, Forza Motorsport 6, and Rise of the Tombraider(until it releases on PS4 in 2016), numerous bundles/custom consoles, The Xbox One Elite wireless controller, backward compatibility to play your Xbox 360 games (Sony needs to do this with the PS4 to play PS3 Games, Listening Sony?), “Worlds largest cloud infrastructures”, large date storage capabilities, monthly updates and fan feedback tool,  NFL next gen stats, Windows 10 Connect-ability and streaming, and on demand TV aps. Let us know if you plan on picking up an Xbox One this Holiday Season in the comment section below.

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